All registered schools taking part in the Top Trumps Schools
Tournament will be sent a Schools Welcome Pack!


'Host Your Own' Top Trumps Tournament
Volcanoes Top Trumps and the full STEM Top Trumps range, to be played with the Host Your Own Top Trumps Tournament
Top Trumps Tournament leader board, certificates and teacher’s notes



The Top Trumps Schools Tournament is fun, quick and easy to play. Pupils can compete against classmates at lunch or breaktime, with little or no explanation needed. And remember, it's FREE for schools to enter.

Discover Our Amazing World Through Top Trumps

From the deepest oceans to the largest deserts; natural phenomenon’s to man-made marvels; learning about the world around us is a pivotal aspect of a child’s education. This year’s theme of ‘Our Amazing World’ will get children thinking about theories, problems and discoveries that are relevant growing up in modern day.  

In each Welcome Pack, you will find the brand new STEM Top Trumps range, featuring 4 great titles: Terrific Technology, Peculiar Problems, Extraordinary Engineering and Sensational Science. Our Amazing World will get children thinking about recent developments and some of the world’s biggest questions. Can you catch a star? What links a rollercoaster with a washing machine? What does an airplane have in common with a hairdryer? How is a 2,000 year Roman creation more innovative than a digital age breakthrough? 

What’s more, we have also included our classic Volcanoes Top Trumps pack, exploring our planet’s most destructive natural phenomena. Our Amazing World is about to come to life with Top Trumps!