- 2017 -
National Schools Top Trumps Tournament
Finalists and Winners



Zack was crowned the 2017 Top Trumps Tournament Champion after an exhilarating final held at Chester Zoo. Here’s some words from last year’s winner:

“It all started when we had a Top Trump Tournament at school. I put my name on the sign-up sheet and after playing, the final school champion was me! I was entered into the online round and got high scores that I was really happy with. I topped the leader board which I was very proud of and was really excited because I was invited to the finals at Chester Zoo. 




When I got there I was very excited but nervous when I saw all the children I was competing against as they were all very good and older than me. The rounds we played were exhilarating and when I reached the grand-final, Florence and me only had one card left and I finally won. I felt magnificent! I made friends with Jerome, another finalist, and we stuck together after the game and had lots of fun at the zoo.”


If you’re a teacher and want your kids to enter next year’s Top Trumps Tournament, simply click here.