- 2014 -
National Schools Top Trumps Tournament
Finalists and Winners

(*SHE ‘Trumps’ boys to become first ever girl UK Top Trumps champ)

Britain’s girls have ‘trumped’ the boys: A ten-year-old has become the FIRST girl to be the national Top Trumps Champion, after emerging triumphant from 50,000 yesterday (Saturday) in London. And she partly owes to that bastion of ‘Girl Power’ Kylie Minogue.

Top Trumps has been largely a male preserve since it first hit shop shelves in 1977 and every single national winner of the Top Trumps Schools Tournament has been a BOY – until now.

Ironically the first girl winner has a BOY’S name – she is CHARLIE Worrall, 10, from Warrington in Cheshire.

The schoolgirl saw off 50,000 youngsters – the significant majority being lads aged between 7 and 11 – to get to the Grand Final made up of an elite final dozen youngsters.

This final was played yesterday at London’s iconic toy store Hamleys. After studying swopping and slaving over thousands of themed Top Trumps cards the very final card Charlie won on was a Kylie Minogue ‘Pop Stars one.

She said afterwards:

"I feel on top of the world!"

And she WAS – literally. Top Trumps bosses whisked her off to the top of the London Eye in a private pod to present her with the winning trophy. She is pictured here atop the Eye along with ‘Toppy’ and ‘Trumpy’ – the official mascots of the Top Trumps brand.



Her proud mum Tracey, who has four other children, said: “She has been grinning from ear to ear since lifting the trophy.”

The twelve eager and excited youngsters had come in from all over the UK in a bid to become Britain’s official Top Trumps champ. In this year’s final five of the twelve were girls – the highest ratio ever. Top Trumps makers put this down to the gender divide “shrinking”. Also, they say today’s female figureheads like Beyoncé, Lady Ga Ga and Jessie J – who is Charlie’s favourite – have struck a chord with girls. There are Top Trumps cards for each of these pop stars. The makers also say packs of 1D have boosted sales amongst girls dramatically.

Fiona Hortopp, who manages and runs the Top Trumps Schools Tournament for Winning Moves UK., says:

"The gender gap has shrunk. Thanks to Top Trumps securing more and more wide ranging licenses for their packs we are able to appeal to boys and girls alike. Top Trumps is no longer just about fast cars and planes. We now produce packs on the most popular movies, pop stars and TV crazes, seeking the hottest licenses to appeal to the widest range of children.

Girls are just as competitive as boys - and are just as eager as boys to discover crazy facts and figures. That's the unique core brand of Top Trumps. Whatever the kids are into so are we!".

Ms Hortopp added: “Very many congratulations to Charlie – a girl has finally ‘trumped’ the boys and it couldn’t have gone to a better champion. She played brilliantly.”