- 2010 -
National Schools Top Trumps Tournament
Finalists and Winners



He is schoolboy Samuel Penkethman, 10, of Darwen, Lancs., who yesterday (Saturday) lifted the World Cup of cards trophy (almost as big as himself!) as he was officially crowned Britain's first Top Trumps Champion in dramatic ticker-tape style at London's Science Museum.

He beat an estimated 100,000 UK children (those many took parts in the heats) and 71 other kids aged between 7 and 12 in the final yesterday to land the title. And because there's no formal Top Trumps Tournaments anywhere else on the planet it makes him the champ of the world! He will also be the toast of his class - as part of the prize the class go to London's Science Museum for the day.

Samuel of Darwen, Lancs., says: "My favourite Top Trumps character is Wayne Rooney - I'm hoping he will be a world champ too in a few weeks!"

According to his mum Samuel has an "amazing memory" - essential for the card cult classic Top Trumps. Wendy explains: "He is very good at retaining information. He's always been really good at memory games and he's a skilful tactician for one so young!"

"When he was playing the online game to win his place in the final he memorised all the categories and knew which cards and categories were the winners!

"We had an amazing day in London and the added bonus was Samuel winning the title - we are all very proud of him. It won't be too long until he starts to teaching his very young nieces the art of Top Trumping!!"

Man Utd fan Samuel - who had never been to London before - was at the event with his mum, brother Matthew 15, teacher and best pal who is another Sam and who he owed his win to as he was a stand-in for him. The other Sam had to go on holiday during the heats and Samuel stepped in. He joked he was dedicating his award to the other Sam's dad for taking his pal on holiday, then added:

"I'm shocked. When I heard I had got through to the finals my legs couldn't stop shaking. Now I've won I can't believe it."


At the event the children battled it out at this first ever National Top Trumps Tournament, sponsored by the British Gas Generation Green schools programme.

The game, which has been going since the 1970s, is now more popular than ever but there's a new bumper mini-marathon 'Tournament' version which allows more children to pit their wits in one game and is even more exciting.

The final was played using this bumper version, based on six exclusive Top Trumps packs. This brand new innovation introduced earlier this year is taking the retail industry by storm.

As well as being great fun, parents and teachers love Top Trumps because it is recognised educationally as a useful camouflaged-learning aid, helping children to improve their literacy, numeracy and ability to make telling and incisive comparisons.

James Rankin, head of special projects at London-based Winning Moves UK which owns and makes the Top Trumps Brand, says:

"Congratulations to Samuel and to all the 71 other contestants on making the finals as well as the 100,000 schoolchildren who took part in the heats. It was a very special day as it was our first Top Trumps Tournament final. We will be doing these every year now so popular has been the event."

"We were overwhelmed with response from schools with more than 3,300 taking part in the heats. It's been a wonderful few months leading up to yesterday and Samuel is a very worthy winner. He came from last to first in the final and that's some feat in Top Trumps! He has an amazing ability and an even more amazing cool. That's just what you need to win !"

The contest was sponsored by the British Gas Generation Green schools programme. Many Top Trumps packs are based on the environment. Sam's school - St. Barnabas Primary School in Darwen, Lancs. - is signed up to the programme.

Katie Alloway, Programme Manager for British Gas Generation Green (www.generationgreen.co.uk), says: "The Top Trumps final went really well and we're very excited to see that the winner came from a British Gas Generation Green school."

"We've been working with Top Trumps for over two years to bring energy efficiency to life for four million kids in a fun and engaging way, and it's clear from this event that children enjoy this type of learning. We provided 60,000 packs to schools all over the country - and it's been really encouraging to see so many British Gas Generation Green children at the final."

"Congratulations to Samuel on this fantastic achievement. I'm sure his school will be really proud of him and I hope they continue their excellent work as part of the British Gas Generation Green programme."